A clean and stylish boutique studio in Frederick. We turn the music up for our one-of-a-kind indoor cycling and group strength HIIT classes, designed for every fitness level. Our instructors share their personalities, playlists and strengths to create workouts both on and off the bike that are challenging and engaging. You bring a positive spirit, and we’ll provide you with amazing classes!

Which Client Profile Best Describes You?

The Purist

You love to spin periodically, and come in 1-3 times a week. It’s all about what The Arena gives you physically and emotionally. Maybe you have a favorite instructor or two. Maybe you do strength elsewhere. It’s all good and we love seeing you every visit! 

a typical purchase: a pack of classes, depending on your average monthly visits.

The Gladiator

You want and strive for a total body conditioning program that keeps you engaged. You mix up your format of classes, getting both cardio and strength training. You want them all in one studio, you thrive on the community vibe we have, and you are committed to working out about 3-5x a week if not more.

a typical purchase: the monthly unlimited package

The Weekender

You are busy with life, and we get it! If you can find time during the week, that’s a bonus. But in reality you come in only on the weekends, which is awesome! We have all three class formats during the weekend just for you.

a typical purchase: a 7 class pack, or just pay as you go

The Newbie

We love our first timers, and we have a chalkboard just waiting to get your name on it! Trying something new can be intimidating, but not in our studio. We promise your first experience with us will be awesome. 

just for you: new client 3 pack, which enables you to try all three of our class formats. We are also available to discuss your goals with you when you are ready.

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CycleFit On Demand

Bringing your favorite workouts directly to your phone, so you don’t skip a beat in your routine. 

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Reviews from our current beta test!

"Killer workout🙌 Sound and video were great!"
"I love that price. You can definitely count me in and I will be subscribing monthly 😊"
"All of the classes are super great. I'm so grateful to get to take these classes again."
"I did Mallory's 30 minute workout. The workout was so awesome! I could follow along and hear well. One thing that would be helpful is if when you turn your phone sideways the video turns as well and expands. I also did the bootcamp video and that was terrific as well."
"I did Stacey's workout and it was so awesome. These classes are way better than Peleton!"