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CycleFit is a level up from other gyms. I got a full body workout and the most cardio ever. 10/10 recommend if you like to SWEAT.

Absolutely nothing poor to review about. The location, staff, facility and classes are all AMAZING. If you are in between starting your fitness goals at a gym vs. CycleFit… GIVE IT A TRY. Your muscles are being worked in a whole different level- the darker classes, upbeat music and the gladiators giving it their all in one class really does push you over the top of limits. You will leave EVERY class not only SOAKING WET but feeling so accomplished and happy. I own a OneLife membership for weight training and there has been several weeks where CycleFit did MORE THAN enough for me. I will forever RAVE about this gym. GIVE THEM A GO!! I LOVE CycleFit!! Thank you.

First time going yesterday, went with a couple girls from work who shared a free ride boss with me, great experience! I walked in and it was a soothing, comfortable environment. They had my name in a chalkboard welcoming me for my first time. Locker rooms and bathrooms clean and very friendly staff. The instructor was Erin and she was great. Helped me get situated, explained all the ins/outs of cycling. Had a great, fun interactive workout and left being greeted by another staff member giving out cool, eucalyptus (I think) scented towels…perfect ending!

Have been spinning for years at different studios throughout DC and go to the Y when in Frederick. I recently decided to try CycleFit for a different workout and something new, it’s been fabulous. The instructors are all great, energizing music and everyone is so welcoming. Love the extra touches like the cold towel and core workout after!

I started Cycle Fit to stay active after a shoulder injury in Racquetball. I had no idea what an amazing workout I was in for, and now go everyday. The people are fantastic, and so is the facility. There aren’t enough stars to rate them.

I absolutely love CycleFit Frederick. The workouts are challenging, inspiring and always have great playlists to keep you motivated and wanting to come back! The facility is top notch, from the arena with a huge screen and enough fans to the front lobby with complimentary coffee and shopping to the locker room that is CLEAN and has every essential need to prepare yourself for the rest of the day. I look forward to my classes and feel physically and mentally strong after each ride!

A really fun and motivating workout! Great staff and wonderful facilities! Thanks to CycleFit, this Baby Boomer now has the resting heart rate of an athlete! My doctor is so impressed!

CycleFit is a fantastic gem. The workouts are inspiring, intense, and leave you feeling empowered. The gym is thoughtfully designed & incredibly welcoming. Whether you’re thinking of trying it for the first time (do it!! We all start somewhere!) or a cycling pro, highly recommend!

Absolutely love CycleFit. Killer cardio and strength workout with amazing upbeat and motivating instructors. They inspire you to push harder in the class and outside the class. It’s also like a dance party on a bike.

Cycle Fit Frederick is the best! Great classes, great facility, and fun shop. The aesthetics and amenities make you feel good after you’ve done something good for your body. Love them!

I took my first CycleFit class today and it was amazing!! The staff was very welcoming and my instructor Kari helped set up my bike and made me feel comfortable right from the start! I will definitely be back 🙂 what a kick ass workout!

The sequencing of the class I took was great and I love that they have passes you can buy rather than a membership. My one issue was the volume of the music. It was so loud it was distracting and I honestly believe the decibel level could cause hearing loss since my ears actually hurt after class. The instructor also had to shout to be heard and I still struggled to understand what she was saying. They do offer hearing protection which I will use from now on.

I am exhausted! Pardon me while I go soak in a tub of Epsom salts for an hour!!!

Seriously one of the NICEST, chicest, beautiful spin studios I’ve ever ridden in!

This place is a welcome addition to the Frederick fitness scene. The instructors are engaging and friendly (and remember your name, even if you’re only an occasional visitor), and the studio space is fun and comfortable. I’ve taken spin classes at lots of gyms and studios over the past few years, and CycleFit is one of my favorites ever!

CycleFit is amazing!! The staff is always super friendly and ready to help in any way they can! Their responses to online/email inquiries is almost immediate and I was able to buy a package, get my receipt and everything on a Sunday- what other business would do that for you? The studio is super clean and don’t get me started in all the locker room’s amenities available to us!! Plus, the SHOES!!! A cycle class with the proper shoes is MUCH MUCH better!!

Super fun place to get a great cardio workout. I started with CycleFit Frederick September 2016 when they first opened and have watched their business blossom. I came to them while recovering from a knee surgery. I was looking for a safe way to rebuild strength in my knee, and lose the weight I had gained pre and post surgery. Both goals accomplished. 🙂 The instructors are super nice, full of energy and really know had to make the most out of your time on the bike. The music is great and always different, the room is dark and a video screen fills the wall with fun and inspirational things. It’s is a very clean facility and well equipped. All the staff is really friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this place!

My husband and I took our first class Saturday and we absolutely loved it! Kicked our butt, but loved it!! They have thought of everything from the friendly knowledge staff, the available shoes and towels, the clean and well stocked changing room to the cool mint towels after the class. Highly recommend the class and the whole experience. 

 I just had the best workout ever. Now I understand how exercise can be addictive and why people claim they feel better after going to the gym. I never understood that before. Its a great feeling! I  this place!!

This was absolutely THE BEST cycling class I have ever taken! The studio and amenities are amazing! They have thought of everything, literally. Even a cool eucalyptus towel after class! Bought a package… I will be back!!!!

Thank you for being there! Spinning has been an excellent aerobic addition to my workout week that is easy on my knees! Love the bonus floor work and the arm workouts in Signature rides.

Happen to stumble across this place and so glad I went inside to check it out. Everyone was very nice and helpful. I’d never cycled before and the staff helped every step of the way. Took the 101 class and enjoyed it so much that I plan on going back on a regular basis.

I did my first ever spin class here today & I LOVED it! Everyone was so friendly & helpful. They have thought of everything you might need from hair ties, to bobby pins. I will be back multiple times a week. Thanks for making my first experience the best! Oh, & the towels at the end of your workout are the most amazing things ever!!!

This place is great! As someone new to cycling and exercise classes in general, I don’t have a lot to compare to but I am blown away by customer service and welcoming environment. I love the challenge of the classes and motivation it provides but I’m able to control my own pace if needed. I look forward to the benefits that cycling will provide as I continue. Also, the locker room is awesome!

The theme rides are seriously fun and a fantastic workout! Everyone is friendly and helpful, definitely a relaxed and judgement free zone. I highly recommend buying unlimited classes, you’ll see how addicting they’ll be!

Everything about Cyclefit is 5 star, they’ve thought of it all! I love that the morning instructors keep the lights down low and light candles! It’s the best for the super early classes. I have never been more excited to go workout!

Love love love Cyclefit!!! I’ve never exercised, didn’t think I would be able to even finish a class let alone enjoy it…… was hooked after my very first class! Love all the instructors and look forward to going to class usually twice a week with my girlfriends. The “locker” room is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen btw…. 

As a Spin Instructor who recently stopped teaching Spin and moved to the other side of the class, I can promise you these instructors are solid and know their stuff. Great classes, music and amenities. Friendly and warm instructors and staff. Sometimes it’s the little touches that make a boutique style studio worth the extra money. Towels and shoes are provided if you need them. Ice cold towels on a tray as soon as you leave the room. Candles lit in the darkened studio, everything you’d need in the locker rooms from shampoo to curling irons and hair driers. Hair ties, bobby pins, feminine products etc. You can even make a cup of hot coffee in the Keurig to go after class! Themed rides, group rides and more. This place has it all. If you are willing to invest in your health, this is the place to go. I wish only the best for this group and their new business. A fantastic addition to Downtown Frederick!

First CycleFit Frederick class tonight. Great class. Very welcoming atmosphere. Great addition to Frederick downtown and our fitness options.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I look forward to taking more classes. It was an experience from beginning to end.

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