We support our awesome community that we have here in the city of Frederick.

Charity Rides

Frederick High School Safe & Sane

Esperanza Education Fund

Hayden’s Heroes

Private Team Building Rides

Frederick Memorial Hospital ACE Club

Frederick County Public Schools

Bride Rides

Thermo Fisher Scientific



Member of the Frederick Visitors Center


Contributions to local schools and churches

Discounts for all FCPS, FMH and Non-Profit Employees, and all Active Military

cyclefit is partners in health with GOOD JUJU 

We have teamed up with a local favorite and have created our own menu item!  

Good JuJu, 300 East Second Street, right behind Frederick Coffee Co & Cafe.

At Good JuJu look in the Smoothie section for the Recovery by CycleFit – the perfect after workout replenisher! Ingredients are blueberry, banana, chia seed, hemp protein powder, almond milk and almond butter.