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Gratitude, Community, and Cycling Motivation

By Kari Shipe

For the month of November, we are celebrating Thanksgiving by focusing on gratitude.  Each post this month will reflect on the idea of giving back.

How has your gratitude for cycling created a sense of community?  
When I get on that bike, it doesn’t matter what my emotion is, but the fact is, there is some type of emotion flowing through my veins ready to be released. Ready to come out, to motivate me, to put me in a different state of mind.  I choose to use cycling as a way to release those emotions in a positive way. Because we all know EVERYONE IS BATTLING SOMETHING. If I can get those around me, those that are on that bike with me, to release that same energy, to feel that same passion, then I know I’ve done my part in helping others truly experience the ultimate ride.  

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