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17 Questions – Chris

Your name: Christina Marie Kraimer

Your journey to CycleFit:
Going back to college I’ve always been involved in some sort of exercise routine. It started with running and cycling outdoors, and when I met my husband we shared those passions. Before kids we spent a lot of time together cycling on the backroads of Bethesda and Potomac. During our twenty plus year marriage, I’ve always had an active role in our family businesses, and now our mutual passions are shared with our venture of CycleFit. The spin classes at our local health club were just not as engaging as they could be, and we felt Frederick deserved more. Hence, the birth of CycleFit. It is exciting to be part of this unique team!

Favorite Author: Not a favorite author, but a favorite genre: biography

Must have gym bag item: Water and iphone

What’s on your playlist: it changes with my mood…Bon Jovi, Drake, Aerosmith, Kanye, David Bowie, George Michael, Maroon 5, Timberlake…

Favorite post-workout food: I can eat anything when I’m hungry

Who inspires you: My grandmother and my mom, and both have passed away. I think of them and what they would say to me when I am in need of advice.

Who would you like to chat with over dinner: My husband and kids

Not including CycleFit, what’s your favorite fitness activity: Golf, and the way it’s meant to be – walking the course, no cart!

Where would you most like to visit? It’s either Rome or Africa

Favorite move on the bike: Jumps and tap backs

If you could have any animal for a pet, which would you choose: Penguin

When you’re having a tough day, what’s one thing guaranteed to make you smile: Thinking of how fortunate I am

What’s your guilty pleasure: Chocolate with red wine

What’s the last movie you watched: Miracles From Heaven, a true story starring Jennifer Garner

Fitness tip you swear by: Workout even if you don’t feel like it, you’ll feel so much better when you’re done.

How do you take your coffee: Decaf hazelnut