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17 Questions – Tav

Your name: Taverlee Jaye Kalanilehua Victoria Laskauskas

Your journey to CycleFit: Allie and I have a mutual friend, Stephanie, who first told me about CycleFit. I was intrigued, because I’d never heard of anything like CycleFit before, but I was hesitant that it wouldn’t be something I could do. I had never taken spin prior to meeting Allie, but she invited me to take her class. After one class, I was hooked. I met Brett and Kelly at that class, and Brett asked me if I would be interested in joining Team CycleFit. Of course, I jumped at the chance!

Favorite Author: Jane Austen

Must have gym bag item: A handball for fascial release in my feet

What’s on your playlist: A delightfully weird mix of chill singer-songwriters, rock and metal, and some salsa music

Favorite post-workout food: all the food…ever. Seriously, I don’t have one food that I always have to have. But I am famished after a workout, so I want to eat everything.

Who inspires you:  Everyone who walks through the door at CycleFit; staff and clients alike. Above the Arena doors, there’s a sign that says “Everyone Is Battling Something”. I know that everyone I see has something in their life that they are struggling with, and despite that, or maybe because of that, they walk in, get on a bike, and discover that they are stronger than they think.

Who would you like to chat with over dinner: Misty Copeland

Not including CycleFit, what’s your favorite fitness activity: Dance!

Where would you most like to visit? Europe during the Christmas season

Favorite move on the bike: Hills

If you could have any animal for a pet, which would you choose: An otter

When you’re having a tough day, what’s one thing guaranteed to make you smile: My husband

What’s your guilty pleasure: Reading celebrity news

What’s the last movie you watched: Down with Love

Fitness tip you swear by: Refuel and rest. If you keep pushing without allowing your body a chance to recover, you limit your results and risk injury.

How do you take your coffee: My favorite is café con leché, so I guess sweetened with milk