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Tokens of Gratitude

by Kari Shipe

For the month of November, we are celebrating Thanksgiving by focusing on gratitude.  Each post this month will reflect on the idea of giving back.

As the holiday season is fast approaching, many of us are looking for ways to give back.  But we are often discouraged due to lack of time, money, or ideas.  Here are a few simple things that take little time and cost $0.


  • Give out compliments to friends and strangers alike.
  • Say “Thank you” more often.
  • Donate unused clothing to local charities or families in need.
  • Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile, just to say hi and send them good wishes.
  • Leave little notes of encouragement for coworkers, family members, and friends to find.
    Smile more often, it’s contagious!